Kingfisher blue glazed porcelain bowl

Reign of Yongle (1403--1424 AD), Ming

Overall height 5.5cm, mouth diameter 11.8 cm

Unearthed from prince Chuzhao’s tomb, Longquanshan, Jiangxia District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province, 1991

Bu courtesy of Wuhan Municipal Museum, Hubei Province

  The regularly shaped body of this superior Yongle ware rises from a shallow ring foot to a flared mouth with slightly everted rim. The bowl id overall applied with lustrous blue glaze, the rim where the glaze is thinner is paler in color while the inner wall and the lower part of the foot where the glaze is thicker look bluish-green. The bottom of the foot is unglazed where the fine white body is visible.